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MRR Health Tech is a prominent medical record review team with a team of over 50 doctors and analysts. We excel in the medico-legal field, offering exceptional quality and competitive prices.

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Best Medical Record Review Services USA

We review medical records for medico legal attorneys in USA. Our focus is on patient care, medical care quality, and extracting relevant information from healthcare professionals' notes. We extract relevant information of case from healthcare professionals' documents or notes.

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Medical Chronology

Our Medical chronology services are important in medical records review for attorneys in legal cases. It provides a clear timeline of patient treatments. It also helps in understanding complicated medical histories for legal cases.

Narrative Summary

Our Narrative summary services simplifies complex medical histories into easy-to-understandable stories for legal cases.

Demand Letter

Our demand letter service creates clear and persuasive letters. These letters convey complex medical information. They are a useful tool for attorneys in negotiations and settlements.

Deposition Summary

Our Deposition Summary service provides attorneys with concise, accurate summaries of witness testimonies, essential for improving legal strategies and analyzing cases.

Billing Summary

Our Billing Summary service helps attorneys understand medical expenses by giving a clear breakdown of costs in medical bills.

Expert Medical Opinion

Our Expert Medical Opinion services assist attorneys in comprehending complex medical issues, enabling informed decisions in legal cases.

Expertise in Legal Medical Record Review

Our Medical Chart Review for law firms save time and let focus on building a strong case.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

We do medical records review services for personal injury law firms, helping clients win better settlements. Our detailed work makes their cases stronger and easier to understand.

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

Our medical records review expert carefully check clients' records for important legal points in malpractice cases that strengthen attorneys'

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

In workers' compensation or disability cases, our legal medical record review services showcasing the nature and severity of workplace injuries for the plaintiffs.

Mass Tort

Mass Tort

We offer detailed medical document review for mass tort law firms, assisting attorneys in securing favorable settlements for their clients.

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse

Our Medical Chart Review services for Nursing Home Abuse cases is to help attorneys uncover evidence of mistreatment and negligence.

Product Liability

Product Liability

Our medical record summarization assisting attorneys in demonstrating the impact of defective products on their clients' health.

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Pathway of Case Medical Records to Delivery Records

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Receiving Medical Records

We receive your records once you submitted through our website or from any source of link.

Sending Preliminary Review

Our medical records analyst will do a preliminary review and send to you.

Sending Cost Estimation, Delivery Date

We share the cost estimation against the hours based billing according to the case volume and focus.

Delivery of Reviewed Records

Upon your confirmation on cost estimation and delivery date, we start work and delivery as committed.

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Key of Success - MRR Health Tech

Medical record review consultant

MRR Health Tech proudly leads the way in medical record review services USA. Our talented team, composed of physicians, legal nurses, and medical review specialists, is best at simplifying the complex litigation process. Handling even the most challenging cases with ease, our consultants ensure accurate and swift reviews. Our management team, skilled in both medical and legal fields, oversees the delivery of high-quality, timely services.

Medical summarization services

We are handling all kind of medical record review services for our clients. Still, we are very famous in handling Medical summarization services very efficiently. That is the reason, we used to receive high case volume in medical summarization services. Also, we can do that in any customized format as per the client requirement with more proficient way. It leads us standing out as best among the medical summarization companies

Top Choice Among Medical Record Review Companies

MRR Health Tech - Leading Provider of Medical Record Review Services USA, Why?

MRR Health Tech offers high-quality medical record review services for attorneys and law firms. The cost is $25 per hour, and there are additional discounts available.
We offer comprehensive navigation services, including hyperlinks, bookmarks, missing records identification, PDF merging, and sorting, all are free.
Our process is simple, transparent, and secure. Once you confirm the cost estimation and the informed delivery date, we will promptly begin processing your request.
Sending your medical records to us is secure and hassle-free. Simply drop them off, and we'll confirm the receipt of your files
At MRR Health Tech, we earn your trust by delivering our medical record review services before you pay.
Our standard turnaround time (TAT) is one week, but for rush cases needing records in less time, we can accommodate at no extra cost.
Our stringent quality control system guarantees accurate and reliable results, upholding the highest quality standards.
Our team reviews medical records thoroughly. They carefully examine all parts of the records. The team extracts important information from the records. Helping you win cases positively.
Our medical chart review services emphasize verifying every detail of the comprehensive patient profile, including demographic data, for accuracy.
Our dedication to detailed medical record summarization ensures precise and factual report delivery.
Don't let illegible handwritten notes hide crucial facts. We efficiently extract and include them for your case.
For clients with recurring medical cases, we issue monthly invoices, so there's no need to pay after each case.

We save your time, give win points and let you focus on building a strong case.

Having strong medical evidence is important in a medico-legal case, which we provide by reviewing medical records. Our service creates a thorough medical records review, helping the plaintiff's win legal cases!