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Our Medical Record Review Outsourcing Services

Elevate legal expertise with our specialized Medical Record Review Outsourcing services tailored for attorneys and law firms. Seamlessly navigate complex cases with precision and efficiency, leveraging our expertise in medical record analysis.

Medical Chronology

Sort medical records neatly.

Make complete, fair reports.

Find missing records easily.

Custom report services offered.

Highlighting key events.


Narrative Summary

Keeping patient histories brief and to the point.

Organize medical events in order

Very useful for case presentations.

Easy medical terms, especially for legal firms.

Easily Point out any medical error


Demand Letter

Secure, HIPAA-compliant info handling.

Claims of potential damages summarized.

Medical negligence allegations specified.

Requested medical records list detailed.

Compelling Facts included.


Expert Medical Opinion

Tailored, in-depth expert opinion reports.

Quick turnaround for urgent legal matters.

Based on evidence, medical assessments.

Access certified medical experts easily.

Thorough medical records review.


Billing Summary

In-depth analysis of medical bills.

Chronological listing of medical records.

Checks for coding and compliance.

Breakdowns showing detailed costs.

Details on insurance and patient payments.


Deposition Summary

Simplifies long statements into brief summaries.

Summarizes key points, saves time and effort.

Custom summaries per client requests.

Customized summary templates.

Ensures accuracy with summary reviews.


Find Missed Records

Full medical record retrieval service.

Quick reviews for urgent needs.

Efficient record management with advanced tech.

Reports customized for legal standards.

Secure, privacy-compliant data handling.



Makes complex medical terms easy to understand.

Simplifies jargon for legal pros.

Clarifies legal medical case details.

Supports analysis of medical documents.

Helps interpret medical X-rays.



Streamlines case prep and review.

Quick access to crucial medical info.

Categories customizable by doctor, type, date.

Simplifies document organization.

Ideal for law firms with many medical records.



Clickable links for smooth navigation.

Instant redirection with hyperlinks.

Access custom sections via hyperlinks.

Navigate easily through report titles.

Exclusive feature for PDFs.


Jury Questionnaire

Ensures accurate data collection.

Helps in selecting impartial jurors.

Uncovers jurors' biases and opinions.

Collects crucial medical case facts.

Aids in gathering impactful information.


PDF Merge Sort

Streamlines document management.

Boosts legal workflow efficiency.

Merges PDFs easily.

Sorts PDF documents effectively.

Organizes medical records neatly.


Medical Chart Review Services

Healthcare professionals who understand medical terminologies, protocols, and regulations typically conduct medical chart reviews. They require a keen eye for detail and a commitment to upholding the standards of care and patient confidentiality. The reviews' results can greatly affect patient care, legal cases, insurance claims, and healthcare quality. Reviewing medical charts is an important part of personal injury, medical malpractice, workers' compensation, and nursing home abuse cases. Healthcare providers use electronic and paper records to review claims and assess the severity of injuries or illnesses. Our service reviews medical records in detail. We evaluate cases based on their merit and by considering required medical care. We develop strategies for each case. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each case. We also prepare for legal proceedings.


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Ready to try our services? Take advantage of our free trial by uploading your case and experiencing our expertise firsthand! Call us toll free at +15302400250 or send us an e-mail.

Why Choose Us?

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant

We are fully HIPAA compliant and take patient privacy and data security seriously. Your Medical Records are 100% safe here.

Best Support

Best Support

24/7 Support Guaranteed. Significantly, We are very cautious and fast in email responses. We ensure replies within some hours

Case Portal

Case Portal

We have a secure life-long case portal for managing the case files. Correspondingly, It is straightaway option of transparency.

DMCA Approved

DMCA Approved

We are a DMCA Compliant company. Hence, our all online sources are properly protected. It is ensuring best practices.

1 Week TAT

1 Week TAT

Generally, our TAT is 1 Week. Also, based on clients requirement, we can deliver the cases in an expedite manner without extra costs.

Win focussed Review

Win focussed Review

We are not only review your case in terms of finding the facts. We also care about your success and best outcomes for your case possibly.

We save your time, give win points and let you focus on building a strong case.

Having strong medical evidence is important in a medico-legal case, which we provide by reviewing medical records. Our service creates a thorough medical records review, helping the plaintiff's win legal cases!