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About Us - Medical Chart Review Services

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About Our Medical Chart Review For Law Firms

MRR Health Tech got you covered with top-notch legal support services for medico-legal firms. Our team is a mix of experts who are ready to serve our respected clients. Imagine us as your extra pair of hands, boosting your workflow with our exceptional medical review services. Our team includes doctors, legal staff, data security pros, and professional medical file review consultants. They are all vastly knowledgeable and experienced in the healthcare industry.

  • 25$ Per Hour + Discounts
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  • PDF Merging and Sorting - FREE
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  • Identification of Missing Records - FREE

Why We Are The Best Medical File Review Consultants?

Get the Best Medical Records Review Services with HIPPA Security, DMCA Approved Entity and Encrypted Secure Records sharing Platform

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Why We Are The Best Medical File Review Consultants?

For attorneys, especially in personal injury, medical negligence, workers’ compensation, disability, and medical malpractice cases, medical records are crucial. They’re the bread and butter for digging up evidence.

But let’s be honest-sorting through them is a time-consuming process for everyone involved, from attorneys to legal nurse consultants and even insurers.

Offering Top-tier Medical Chart Review Services

At MRR Health Tech, we’re the pros, offering top-tier medical chart review services. Our process is tailor-made to fit each client like a glove. Whether you’re an attorney, a med-legal expert, an insurance firm, or a private company, we’ve got your back.

We’re firm believers that outsourcing goes beyond just cutting costs. It’s about delivering a top-notch service that is budget-friendly and tailored to fit your needs.

Our mission is to craft tailor-made medical record review services that is not only give medico legal experts/attorneys an edge but also boost your cash flow and bottom line. 

Our medical record review process involves looking at health records and making them easy to understand. You get everything as expected. This makes it easy to see the critical health history of each patient. Our team makes short medical records summary that tells you all you need to know.

This medical record review process is to ensure you get nothing short of the best services.

What Our Medical Chart Review Services For Law Firms Can Offer?

We’re all about giving top-notch health medical record review services. This entails mixing legal brilliance with medical know-how. It’s crucial to get the health details right to win legal battles and claims.

Our team is made up of experts who know both medicine and law inside out. They work hard to give detailed, fact-based reports. These help attorneys and legal firms all over the U.S. stand strong.

Trusted Medical Record Review Services Company

As a trusted medical record review company, we don’t just summarize medical records. In addition to this, we ensure that information is correctly analyzed without any bias. Experts put together the quality control process. This is to provide the best medical chart review services to medico legal experts like you.

We are a medical record review company that is always aiming for the stars in everything we do. We pay close attention to every little thing, always ensure 100% transparency, and never give up on making complicated and protected health information clear to attorneys.

Our Goal as a Best Medical Chart Review Services Provider

To give legal firms and attorneys the know-how they need to understand their cases better and build strong arguments. We go above and beyond, building trust and bringing more to the table than compared to other companies.

Whether it’s to summarize medical records for medical malpractice, medical negligence, or injury law firm, rest assured that we can over-deliver. Due to our sophisticated information security management system, the medical reports will definitely meet industry standards.  

Free Trial

Ready to try our services? Take advantage of our free trial by uploading your case and experiencing our expertise firsthand! Call us toll free at +15302400250 or send us an e-mail.

Our Mission

We believe in transparency, open communication, and collaborative problem-solving. Our dedicated team provides personalized, compassionate service tailored to each client's needs. Our work has a direct impact on lives and making a positive difference is what drives us.

Our Mission
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Our Vision

Our vision to provide high-quality medical record review services using technology and a skilled staff to improve healthcare one case at a time. We will set high standards in the industry.


We provide trustworthy medical record reviews that prioritize accuracy and timely delivery. Our experienced team ensures professionalism, integrity, and confidentiality.

We continuously improve our processes to meet clients' changing needs. Our commitment exceeds expectations, making us a trusted partner.


Top Choice Among Medical Record Review Companies

MRR Health Tech - Leading Provider of Medical Record Review Services USA, Why?

MRR Health Tech offers high-quality medical record review services for attorneys and law firms. The cost is $25 per hour, and there are additional discounts available.
We offer comprehensive navigation services, including hyperlinks, bookmarks, missing records identification, PDF merging, and sorting, all are free.
Our process is simple, transparent, and secure. Once you confirm the cost estimation and the informed delivery date, we will promptly begin processing your request.
Sending your medical records to us is secure and hassle-free. Simply drop them off, and we'll confirm the receipt of your files
At MRR Health Tech, we earn your trust by delivering our medical record review services before you pay.
Our standard turnaround time (TAT) is one week, but for rush cases needing records in less time, we can accommodate at no extra cost.
Our stringent quality control system guarantees accurate and reliable results, upholding the highest quality standards.
Our team reviews medical records thoroughly. They carefully examine all parts of the records. The team extracts important information from the records. Helping you win cases positively.
Our medical chart review services emphasize verifying every detail of the comprehensive patient profile, including demographic data, for accuracy.
Our dedication to detailed medical record summarization ensures precise and factual report delivery.
Don't let illegible handwritten notes hide crucial facts. We efficiently extract and include them for your case.
For clients with recurring medical cases, we issue monthly invoices, so there's no need to pay after each case.

We save your time, give win points and let you focus on building a strong case.

Having strong medical evidence is important in a medico-legal case, which we provide by reviewing medical records. Our service creates a thorough medical records review, helping the plaintiff's win legal cases!